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Unit2 Little House in the Big Woods


Extensive Reading

Unit Two

Book List
1、《简· 爱》
2、《雾都孤儿》 3、《傲慢与偏见》 4、《苔丝》 Jane Eyre Oliver Twist Pride & Prejudice Tess of the D 'Urbervilles

6、《大卫· 科波菲尔》 7、《谁动了我的奶酪》

Great Expectations
David Copperfield Who Moved My Cheese

9、《双城记》 10、《格列佛游记》

Far from the Madding Crowd
Tale of Two Cities Gulliver’s Travels

Laura Ingalls Wilder is one of the twentieth century's most beloved and acclaimed writers for children. Born on February 7, 1867, in a log cabin at the edge of the woods near Pepin, Wisconsin, Laura Ingalls Wilder spent her childhood as part of the great pioneeringhomesteading movement in the Midwest and Great Plains.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wilder became a teacher. She married and had one daughter who became a journalist. When Wilder was 65 years old, her daughter helped her write her first novel in the series, Little House in the Big Woods. In her books, Laura stressed the importance of family, faith, generosity, adaptability, endurance, resourcefulness, and humor and self-sufficiency. The books have remained enduringly popular, continuing to be published and read worldwide today.

Homesteading Movement
It refers to Mid-19th-century drive for free land in the Midwest, Great Plains, and West in America. It began in the 1830s as laborers and reformers joined farmers in calling for public land to be given free to settlers. In 1862 the Homestead Act was passed, providing 160 acres of public land free to any adult citizen or head of family who had lived on the land for five years.

No single act had more
effect on the Middle West and Great Plains than the

Homeland Act. It brought
tens of thousands of landhungry settlers to the

region that was to become
the nation’s breadbasket.

Little House Books
The nine Little House in the 《森林中的小木屋》(Little House books Big Woods)
have been cherished by 《农庄男孩》(Farmer Boy) generations of readers as 《草原上的小木屋》(Little House on the Prairie)

both a unique glimpse into 《在梅溪边》(On the Banks of Plum Creek) America's frontier past and 《在银湖岸》(By the Shore of Silver Lake) a heartwarming, 《好长的冬天》(Long Winter) unforgettable story.
《草原小镇》(Little Town on the Prairie) 《新婚四年》(The First Four Years )

《快乐的金色年代》(These Happy Golden Years)

Wisconsin State

Wolves and bears roam the deep Wisconsin woods in the late 1870's. In the big woods, Laura lives with Pa and Ma, and her sisters, Mary and Baby Carrie, in a snug little house built of logs. Pa hunts and traps. Ma makes her own cheese and butter. All night long, the wind howls, but Pa plays the fiddle and sings, keeping the family safe and cozy.

Three basic components of a novel
? Setting: details of place and time; atmosphere and mood;
? Character: person's behavior and developed personality

? Plot: the story; tells what is happening in the novel

The Structure of the Text

Part 1: (Para.1-8)
1) Why did Pa go to the town?

2) Have Laura and Mary seen a town? Why?
3) How eagerly were the children expecting

their Pa?

? Ma was worried, but Pa said that by starting before sun-up and walking very fast all day he could get home again before dark.
? Sun-up is an American expression for sunrise. Note that sometimes American English (AmE) and British English (BrE) have different words for the same thing.

British English 商店 shop 汽油 petrol 电影院 cinema 铁路 railway 裤子 trousers 公寓 flat 出租汽车 taxi 出纳员 cashier

American English store gas movie theatre railroad pants apartment cab teller

British English

American English

marks 人行道 pavement 秋天 autumn 电梯 elevator 橡皮 rubber 药房 the chemist's 糖果 sweets

grades sidewalk fall lift eraser the drug store candies

? The sun sank out of sight, the woods grew

dark, and he did not come. Ma started supper
and set the table, but he did not come. It was

time to do the chores, and still he had not
come. ? The repetition stresses the anxiety with which the children are waiting for Pa's coming back.

Part 2: (Para.9-32)
1) Why did Ma say that Laura was a good girl? 2) How did the author describe Ma’s affection to Pa?

? Its sides were of tin, with places cut in them for the candle-light to shine through. 灯笼壁是用锡皮做的, 上面有一些豁口,以便烛 光透出来。 of: made from or made of The dress is of silk. The crown is of gold.

? The woods were dark, but there was a gray

? 森林里已经暗下来。铺满白雪的小路隐隐泛着灰 色的光,夜空中悬挂着几颗暗淡的星星。

light on the snowy path, and in the sky there were a few faint stars.

? Woods is different from its singular form, wood. Woods means a place where trees grow thickly, smaller than a forest.

color:颜色 custom:风俗,习惯 damage:损害 pain:疼痛 regard:注意 spectacle:场面

colors:军旗 customs:海关,关税 damages:赔偿金 pains:努力 regards:问候,致意 spectacles:眼镜




? They said their prayers and snuggled into the trundle bed.
? snuggle: draw close to (somebody or something) for warmth or affection ? The child snuggled into its mother's arms.

? 孩子偎依在母亲怀里。

? She was sitting up late, waiting for Pa, and Laura and

Mary meant to stay awake, too, till he came.

劳拉和玛莉原也想等爸爸回来再睡,但最后还是睡着了。 ? mean to do something: intend to do something, or plan to do something.
? I mean to go, but my father would not allow me to. 我想去,但是我父亲不肯让我去。 ? To raise wage means increasing purchasing power. 增加工资意味着增加购买力。

Part 3: (Para.33-35)
What presents did Pa buy them?


Imagine living in the 1870's like Laura. Describe your life in the big woods.

? The day would be very long because I would not have a computer or TV. I would miss my computer, and my TV. I would like that no person would come to my house every day. The day would be boring because I would have nothing to do. The only thing I could do is help my dad cut wood.

? The first thing I would do is go outside and see what the world looks like. Then I would go

to milk the cows and do my chores."Oh Man".
Then go to see if my father has caught any bear. Then I would go in the kitchen to help Mom with baking cookies. That would be my day. I would miss my dog and I would not be able to go on the computer and they did not have a TV. I’m so sorry that I can’t go shopping or play Basketball.

? I would have to go hunting with my dad most of the day. When we would get home we would play games with each other and dad would tell us stories. When supper would be ready we would eat. Then we'd play outside for a little while and come in and get ready for bed. Then we would all get in bed and go to sleep. The things I would miss the most would be TV, computer games, not being able to play with any friends and no electricity.

? Review what we learned today. ? Finish Fast Reading and Home Reading. ? Preview Unit 3. ? Prepare reading report.

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